Brad & Vallerie Plotner

Brad & Vallarie Plotner

About Plotner Hardware

After 15 years of working in the construction industry, Brad and Vallarie Plotner opened Plotner Hardware in 2010. As long time residents of Richwood, the Plotner’s knew this was the place they wanted to build their business. However, Plotner Hardware is about more than just doing business. Brad and Vallarie take care of each customer as if they were a dear friend or neighbor.

“People come in here and think that Brad can fix ANYTHING. They ask him all kinds of questions and together, we work to find a solution to the problem”, says Vallarie. “We even have older clients that will drive out front of our building, honk, and we know they are here to pick up their order. It’s just what we do. We take care of our customers.”

Plotner Hardware recently moved locations from uptown Richwood to its current location where it sits just outside of town on East Blagrove Street, next to the Dollar General.

“We have access to 200,000 some products between all of our vendors. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you probably aren’t going to find it somewhere else. We have just about everything that the big box stores have, and even more!“, says owner Brad Plotner.